Attractions in Sacramento

California State Capitol Museum
Opened in 1874 after much controversy and discussion about the planned site and construction, the California State Capitol building was finally opened to the public. The construction costs ran to $2.5 million, far exceeding the original budget of $100,000. Today the Capitol building is a landmark of the States history and dedication. Just a few blocks from the Convention Center, the Capitol offers daily tours of this majestic structure.

Old Town Sacramento
Visit Sacramento the way it used to be during the gold rush days. Old Sacramento is just a few minutes from the Convention Center on the Western Side of the Sacramento River. Designated as a National Park, the town includes historic buildings as well as special events and restaurants that make you feel like you are back in the 19th Century.

California State Railroad Museum
Just a couple minutes from the Convention Center, the California State Railroad Museum is a testimony to the engineering and production of the railroad men. With displays of railroad trains dating back to 1862, this museum is a great place to learn about how trains have been designed through the years. Their is also an excursion train to give you a feel for the earlier trains and how it felt to ride in one of these vintage models. The museum is open daily and excursion trains are available on the weekend.

Governor's Mansion
This amazing state landmark is just a couple of blocks from the Convention Center and offers a glimpse into the personal lives of California's Governors. Originally built in 1877 by Albert Gallatin, a Sacramento hardware store owner, for his wife Clemenza, the mansion was purchased in 1903 for use as the executive home of the Governor of California. The purchase price in 1903 was $32,500 and it has served many Governors including Earl Warren and Ronald Reagan.

Sutter's Fort
Visit the site where the gold rush began when you enter the grounds of Sutters Fort. Just a couple minutes east of the Convention Center, Sutters Fort is a historic landmark and an important part of California's history. Built by pioneer John Sutter in 1839, the fort was originally known as "New Helvetia", Swiss for New Switzerland, Sutters native country. Tours of the fort are given daily and educational classes are offered to provide children with more information about the fort.