Shopping in Sacramento

Sock City
This fun little shop sells hundreds of quirky and interesting socks. Whether you love wool socks or soft cotton, Sock City has it all. They are located close to the convention center and are sure to put a smile on your face. Once you see all of the interesting socks they have, you will leave with a new interest in collecting them.

California State Railroad Museum Store
This shop is filled with tons of souvenirs that celebrate the California railroad history. From train whistles to hats and t-shirts, this shop is an interesting place to explore. You may find the perfect gift for a train enthusiast, or leave empty handed. Visiting this store is sure to be a great learning experience no matter what.

Discovery Museum Store
This store is chock full of great science toys and projects for children and adults. Cool kinetic toys line the shelves. There are books and other gadgets too. Everyone will love this science store and what it has to offer.

G. Wilikers Toy Emporium
Visiting this toy store isn't just another shopping excursion. It's a visual delight and thrill to experience. G.W. Toy Emporium has a massive collection of all kinds of toys. They are one of the rare toy stores that still stocks toys that don't require microchips or batteries. These toys are hard to find, engaging and beautiful to look at too. Children and even adults will enjoy playing here and maybe going home with a few goodies.

Evangeline's is a whimsical store of silliness and fun that has been open since 1974. The store is located inside a Victorian-era mansion, and is filled with countless objects and costumes that will delight visitors of all ages. Evangeline's is close to the convention center, and is a must-see if you are in the area.

This high-end department store has everything you need while staying in Sacramento. Whether you forgot a bathing suit, or just want to browse, Macy's will meet your every need. The large department store is filled with a wide variety of things to see and buy. There is always a good deal to be had at Macy's too.

Capitol Mall Shopping Center
This large shopping center has everything from apparel to jewelry. Whether you are just browsing or intending to buy, Capitol Mall will surely be a great place to visit and shop around.